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Commercial and Industrial Water Management
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DESIGN- our product line has been developed for the diverse water sources we have in Florida, including all types of Reclaim and Recycle water.  Chemical programs utilize this flexible technology for optimal results.

IMPLEMENTATION- our field staff which includes a "Certified Water Technologist" provides support services to assure long-term success of the treatment programs.

LABORATORY SERVICES- include, but are not limited to corrosion studies, legionella evaluation, deposit analysis and evaluation.

TRAINING- safety is foremost at Aquasure and we offer hands-on as well as classroom training in all aspects of water treatment.

Aquasure, Inc. has been providing "state of the art" water management services for over 30 years. 

We continue to maintain a presence with the federal government with a current GSA contract and catalog.

Our abilities range from basic water treatment programs for HVAC, process cooling, both steam and hot water boilers, waste water, high purity water and filtration. 

Aquasure is experienced and capable of all aspects of these services from conceptualization and design through installation and ongoing preventative maintenance.  

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